About Us


Utility Refund Solutions is a leader in the utility auditing field.

Since 2000, we have recovered and helped save millions of dollars in utility and telecommunications overcharges.

We can help any business reduce their invoices or recover overcharges or there is no fee.

We know utility and telecom invoices can be somewhat confusing to someone not reviewing them on a regular basis.  We are experts at what we do and can handle all of your utility and telecom related issues.

Even if you have someone on staff reviewing your utility or telecom invoices, there is nothing to lose by having us review them.

Just as you may have a controller in charged of your financials, you still have your taxes done by a CPA.  You can view Utility Refund Solutions, Inc. in the same way.

We hope to become a trusted partner in helping you with your utility and telecommunications needs.


Utility Refund Solutions is a utility and telecommunications auditing firm.

We analyze utility and telecom bills on behalf of our clients.  Bills are audited, usage analyzed, errors identified, cost saving recommendations are made, and refunds are negotiated with the various utility and telecom companies.

If we don’t produce refunds or credits, or produce documented savings, there is no fee.  It is a win-win situation!


Although we are based in the New York metropolitan area, Utility Refund Solutions can perform utility and telecommunications audits anywhere in the the United States.

We can also perform audits for any multi-national based entity.  Some of the locations we have helped companies with our bill audits include Saudi Arabia, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

No matter where you may be located, the terms of our utility and telecom audits are still the same.

There is no out of pocket expense with our contingency fee audit.


We have been auditing utility and telecommunications invoices since 2000.  In that time, we have become a leader in the bill audit and recovery field.

We have recovered and help save millions of dollars for our clients.  Besides bill auditing, we have also introduced outsourced bill payment, telecommunications expense management, telecommunications inventory management, telecommunications network optimization, and energy deregulation and procurement.


We want to make sure our clients are getting what they are paying for from their utility suppliers and telecommunications carriers.

We also want to make sure they are paying the lowest prices possible without sacrificing service.


It’s very simple!

All we need is a signed agreement, a Letter of Authorization on your companies letter head and one months worth of invoices to get started.

Go to our contact page or call us at 1 877 2-REFUND(273-3863)!

We appreciate our clients trust and support and value every business and personal relationship that we create on a daily basis.